Fedora Loves Python

Ready to use Python environment

On Fedora, Python comes pre-installed with first class support for Python virtual environments. It is ready for use straight out of the box. No guessing package names, no installation, just dive in and go. Look:

[fedora]$ python3 -m venv env
[fedora]$ . env/bin/activate
(env) [fedora]$ python ...

All the Pythons

Fedora repositories include many versions of Python: CPython in multiple 3.X and 2.X versions, PyPy 2 and 3 and even MicroPython. Testing Python code on different interpreters has never been easier.

You can sudo dnf install the Python you need, or you can install a bunch of them with sudo dnf install tox.

Science Stuff

There are lot of libraries for scientific computation and visualization available in Fedora. The most well known and widely used one is SciPy Stack which consists of Python, NumPy, SciPy, matplotlib, Jupyter Notebook, IPython, Pandas, SymPy and more. It's easy, and there is no need to compile stuff. Not even on ARM, Power or s390x.

Embedded Stuff

Programming for computers and servers can be fun, but what about controlling much smaller devices such as the BBC micro:bit, boards with the ESP8266/ESP32 chip or pyboards? With Fedora, you have everything you need to join the universe that is the Internet of Things.

Even if you don't have the actual device, you can run MicroPython on Fedora to test your code. It's there and ready for you in the repos.

Python 3 by default

Fedora helps lead the Python 3 Porting Efforts™. Major OS components are running on Python 3 and more than 99% of the Python packages in the repos are Python 3 compatible.

When you install Fedora, there's no Legacy Python installed by default.

The python command (/usr/bin/python) is Python 3.

Learn and Teach Python

Make your class focus on mastering the language, not on preparing the environment! Get the Fedora Python Classroom Lab and have your class set up in no time.

Fedorans are also Pythonistas

Not only is Fedora great for coding in Python, but, important parts of Fedora are actually written in it. Python powers the Anaconda system installer, the DNF package manager and the kernel ... Just kidding, the kernel is not written in Python.

The majority of Fedora's infrastructure, where the distribution is actually being created, runs on Python as well. All Open Source, as we love it.

And more, coming soon...

The work is never done! We're Python Special Interest Group, and we're making Fedora an even better system for Python developers, and Python an even better language for Fedora.

If you'd like to help, check out our Wiki page to see what's cooking, then hop on our mailing list or IRC channel to get in touch.